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Technology Dispute Resolution Services

What TDRS Does

TDRS provides private, non-binding and confidential mediation services to businesses seeking to resolve technology disputes. Technology disputes are seldom simple, and finding workable solutions to complex technology problems usually requires parties to think outside-the-box in a collaborative effort.  TDRS facilitates constructive dialogue between the parties to explore pragmatic solutions that meet the business needs of all parties involved.  TDRS helps the parties explore their own ideas as to how to resolve disputed issues and, as experienced technology counsel, TDRS proactively suggests alternative resolution paths that the parties may not have considered.  

TDRS serves as a neutral party in mediation.  TDRS accepts disputes only in which TDRS has no financial or other interest in the outcome for any party.  TDRS’ goal is for the parties to construct their own resolution of the disputed issues, and TDRS will not make any rulings on the merits of the matters in dispute.  Nor will TDRS offer predictions as to how a court or arbitration panel might resolve the matters in dispute, as such predictions are entirely speculative given the uncertainty of the legal system.  Where helpful in fostering resolution, however, TDRS may separately provide each party with confidential and candid feedback as to the relative strengths and weaknesses of that party’s positions.  Any such assessments provided by TDRS to a party will not be shared by TDRS with any other party to the mediation.

Upon request, TDRS will provide binding arbitration services on terms that are agreed between the parties and TDRS on a case-by-case basis.  Unlike the case in mediation, in a binding arbitration TDRS will issue a ruling on the merits of the issues in dispute between the parties, and will issue a written memorandum explaining the basis in law and fact for that ruling.  

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